Fir Needle Oil’s Needles Do The Magic

Fir Needle oil and especially its needles are counted among those essential oils that are illustrious in the field of doing medical magic and have done good for myriad of people who have been desperately in need of help…

Properly known as abies alba, fir needle is an essential oil that is harvested for use in various herbal remedies. The oil is generally clear with a slight hint of yellow, and is characterized by a thin texture, not unlike that of baby oil. Not intended for use internally, fir needle can he helpful as an ingredient in a poultice or as an herbal rub to aid in easing the symptoms of several different ailments.

In most cases, fir needle oil is extracted using a process known as steam distillation. This approach makes it possible to separate the oil from the plant without a great deal of residue. Doing so helps to preserve the natural aroma of the oil itself, which can be described as an earthy but fresh scent that has a touch of sweetness.

As an herbal remedy, fir needle oil can be used as a topical rub to help ease the pain of overworked muscles. The thin texture of the oil makes the application easier, as well as aiding in the absorption process. The properties of the fir needle oil seep into the muscles, helping them to relax and minimizing the chances for cramping. Some people report that this natural alternative to over the counter muscle rubs works just a well, and has a far more pleasant odor.

Fir oil, Abies siberica, blends well with the following essential oils: pine, oakmoss, cedarwood, galbanum, benzoin, lavender, lavandin, and rosemary.

Fir Oil Cautions are not much, but then I’ll put them before you…

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-irritant
  • Non-sensitizing
  • Avoid use in the sun
  • Liquid may cause irritation to the eye

Fir Needle Oil Properties – Antiseptic, antitussive, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, nervine, tonic.

Beneficial for acute chronic bronchitis, chills, coughs, sinusitis, arthritis, muscular aches and pain, rheumatism, colds, fever, and flu. It is grounding, immune stimulating, antiseptic, anti-catarrhal, and anti-arthritic.Benefits the nervous system, for debility, asthenia tension, stress, and a sedative, yet elevating to the mind. Aromatic influences: may fight airborne germs and bacteria.

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Bid Farewell To Painful Arthritis With Fir Needle Oil

Arthritis…I remember my aunt suffered from it…she refused to walk most of the times and complained of excruciating pain in her knees…which she reported as incapacitating….

I didn’t really understand…as to what kind of pain it could have…that the person feels drained by doing something as close to lame as walking and being self sufficient…

I examined the problem closely…when this onset of became pretty normal in my family…that is what I found…

Rheumatoid arthritis is basically a chronic inflammatory disease in which the immune system attacks the joints and other body parts…and it is characterised by joint pain and stiffness….Its basic symptoms being…

  • Joints may feel warm or appear swollen…especially the hands…wrists…knees…and feet
  • Weakness…fatigue…weight loss…and fever

Coming to the savior…

Yes I mean the most natural and relieving of all…Fir Needle Essential Oil….

Fir needle essential oil is taken through steam distillation from the Pine tree that can be seen growing abundantly at

  • France
  • Bulgaria
  • Germany

So…obviously these are like the Gods of production of this magic liquid…More often…people would love to have this after trying this of course….Fir oil is good for those persons suffering respiratory problems such as bronchitis…coughs….colds….It can also be good to be used as treatment for sinusitis…muscular pains…rheumatism…arthritis…flu and fever…Some properties of this essential oil are immune stimulant…What I mean to say is that it can strengthen the immune system to fight enough against certain illnesses…It can also be used as anti-catarrhal and antiseptic as well….

Also…Don’t be surprised to know that this Fir essential Oil is used as mood stabilizer…meaning it can drive off the negative feelings and be more affirmative to happy feelings….When you feel a little bit low and sad…inhaling this oil can be good enough to uplift your feelings and make you a much more better person…Being positive with different things can be given to you by this oil…So better try this oil and feel the results right after….But use this oil with extra care since it can cause extreme irritation and can’t be avoided…

And the best part of this oil…is the way it treats arthritis and rheumatic polyarthritis….It helps to remove inflammatory processes and relieve pain syndromeTo achieve better effect it is recommended that you warm your affected joint with a hot compress before applying fir needle oil….

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Fir needle Oil – Historical ‘Wows’

It is human nature to sulk for valuables lost…yet again ignoring the ones they still possess and thereby putting them in vulnerable list again…and the cycle goes on….

Okay if we just not talk about the materialistic possessions and go a notch higher and talk about the amazingly beneficial things…that nature made us an owner of…Still…we tend to exploit them…trees…just to exemplify…We’re ignoring what trees do for us as they stand erect and lush…Well…the repercussions…we can’t extricate those…

Anyway…my point of saying all this…I fail to comprehend…Why do we resort to artificiality when nature is all head over heels for our well being!? I’ll be explicit…Nature offers the best cure to all our internal and external woes in the form of essential oils like Fir Needle…then Why do we need chemicals to do a relatively fatal reactions inside our body and make the condition from bad to worse?

For the ones unaware of this amazing liquid called Fir Needle Oil…Listen up…

The evergreen tree of Fir Needle can grow up to 40 meters (that is approximately 130 feet)…

Its features being-

  • Flat crown and has a reddish-brown
  • Deeply fissured bark
  • Needle-like gray-green leaves that grow in pairs
  • Orange-yellow flowers and pointed brown cones

You know it is just not for a handful of reasons that this is cultivated for…instead….It is extensively cultivated for its

  • Wood
  • Tar
  • Pitch
  • Turpentine
  • Essential oil

And…to tell you…the essential oil of this….was used by the Native Americans to prevent scurvy…Mattresses where stuffed with the needles to repel lice and fleas and the ancient Egyptians used pine kernels in their cooking…

And…as for the extraction of this…pine oil is extracted from Pine (Scotch pine) oil….which is extracted from Pinus sylvestris of the Pinaceae family and is also known as Scots and forest pine….

Myriad…hands of Fir Needle Offering Help

The oil of this tree is extremely useful to relieve mental….physical and sexual fatigue…while having a cleansing and clearing effect on a room…Even though it can be used in cystitis…hepatitis and prostate problems….as well as to improve circulation and to relieve rheumatism…gout…sciatica and arthritis…it should be done so with care due to the sensitizing nature of this oil….

Pine oil has a fresh forest smell…is pale yellow in colour and watery in viscosity…

Other surprising benefits being…It can be used for cuts and sores…scabies and lice and for excessive perspiration…while its warming properties help with rheumatism…arthritis….gout….muscular aches and pains and it can stimulate circulation…Furthermore it can help in cases of bronchitis…asthma…catarrh…coughs…laryngiti…colds and flu….It eases breathlessness and sinusitis….

As a general kidney cleanser…it is effective with cystitis…prostate problems and urinary infections and can also help with nervous exhaustion…neuralgia and mental fatigue….

The therapeutic properties of pine oil are

  • Antiseptic
  • Antiviral
  • Bactericidal
  • Balsamic
  • Insecticidal
  • Restorative
  • Rubefacient
  • Adrenal cortex stimulant as well as stimulant to the circulation and nervous system
  • Cholagogue
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti neuralgic
  • Anti rheumatic
  • Deodorant
  • Diuretic
  • Expectorant
  • Hypertensive

Phew! And the benefits just don’t end!

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